International Bognor Birdman 2017 Sponsorship Opportunities

We welcome support and sponsorship of The International Bognor Birdman competition. If you would like to promote your name at our world famous event please see opportunities below, together with indicative costs.

Sponsorship & promotional opportunities

  1. Stall space
  2. Leafletting
  3. Videos on big screen
  4. Banners on pier railings
  5. Commercials over the PA
  6. Sponsorship of the event
  7. Sponsorship of a major Class or prize
  8. Advertising in our Souvenir Programme
  9. Competing in the event in a product-branded costume

International Bognor Birdman is a human-powered flying competition for bird men and women who attempt to defy gravity and 'fly' from a platform constructed at the end of Bognor Regis Pier. For full details visit our website

As the event requires deep water around mid-day on a Summer weekend the dates vary from year to year with highest tides. This year the event is on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August. The event starts at 10am and finishes at 5pm each day.

Competitors design and make craft and/or elaborate costumes and props with the aim of 'flying' for cash prizes in three Classes:

Leonardo da Vinci: Home-designed and built craft
Condor: Hang-glider and similar craft.
Kingfisher: Comic and fancy dress

Cash prizes in the first two Classes are awarded to the competitors who achieve the furthest distance or stay aloft for the longest time. Prizes in the Kingfisher Class are awarded for the most entertaining entry, with marks for costume and routine to music.

Estimated number of spectators

Calculating the number of people attending free events is difficult. Historically the event has attracted crowds anywhere between 5,000 and 25,000 people. Lower numbers can occur due to poor weather. In 2015 the event attracted approximately 15,000.

Over the weekend the event receives National and International TV and Press coverage.

The event is organised and managed by The International Bognor Birdman Ltd., comprising experienced volunteer directors and committee members.

The Bognor Regis International Birdman is the oldest event of its kind in the world. After its inception in 1971 at the nearby resort of Selsey, the Birdman Rally (as it was then known) moved to Bognor Regis when its success outgrew Selsey. Rather like the London Marathon which it precedes, the International Bognor Birdman is an exciting mix of serious dedication and skill together with the opportunity to raise thousands of pounds for competitors' charities. Over the last 10 years the event has raised in excess of £100,000 for many good causes.

There are now Birdman events worldwide, from the USA to Australia and China, all with their roots in the original event now held at Bognor Regis.

Sponsorship & Promotional Opportunities and indicative costs

  1. Your organisation could set up a stall or outlet around the pier on the Promenade or opposite on the green sward. A power supply can be made available.
  2. Leafletting and sample distribution would be possible amongst the crowds. As no charge is proposed a licence from the district council would not be required.
  3. A big screen on the pier to relays close-up coverage of the competitors. Between each entry, as well as before and after the daily action, this screen could show your commercials, banner posters or video.
  4. Vinyl banners can be displayed on the railings of the pier for several days before as well as throughout the event.
  5. Our commentator can read your commercial messages over the PA System at regular intervals.
  6. Principal sponsorship is available: the entire event could be named after your business.
  7. Individual prizes or Classes could be brand-titled.
  8. Advertising in the brochure is available: copies are printed and distributed widely throughout the South East as well as in the local area and at the event.
  9. Participation as a competitor in the event, in a product -branded costume.
  10. Principal Sponsors will also be featured on our popular website throughout the year.


Depending on level of sponsorship we could guarantee no other direct competitor would be advertised in relation to this event.